Needle-Free Dental Anesthetic

KOVANAZE provides regional, pulpal anesthesia with 96% efficacy in teeth 5-12, therefore KOVANAZE offers a needle-free alternative to the majority of anterior maxillary injections. What this means for our patients is “NO SHOTS when we treat the upper front teeth anymore!” Please ask us TODAY if this would be a good option for you!

Additionally, patients may not experience the same sensations of numbness or tingling of the lips and cheeks associated with inject-able dental anesthetics.

KOVANAZE is the 1st , no-needle regional, pulpal anesthetic administered via nasal spray approved by the U.S FDA on June 29, 2016, and it offers patients a safe and effective needle-free alternative to anesthetize teeth 5-12 for restorative dental procedures.

What is KOVANAZE? It is a mixture of 3% tetracaine HCL(ester anesthetic) and 0.05% oxymetazoline HCL (vasoconstrictor) nasal spray that is injected in the nose to locally numb the teeth on that side of the nose.

Can KOVANAZE be used on kids? Yes, but the kids must weigh over 88 pounds.

Does KOVANAZE hurt? No, you will feel a cold mist when it is injected into your nostril.

How long does KOVANAZE work? Kovanaze takes about 10 minutes to fully numb your teeth and lasts about 30 minutes.

How much does KOVANAZE cost? At our office we charge $50.00 for two “sprays” of Kovanaze.

What are the side effects of using KOVANAZE? Runny nose. nasal congestion, mild nose bleeds, dizziness, difficulty swallowing that should resolve within first day. Also, transient elevation is blood pressure may occur. Patients need to inform us if they are taking MAO I’s, non-selective beta adrenergic antagonists, or tricyclic antidepressants. Patients should avoid oxymetazoline containing products (such as Afrin) within 48 hours of their scheduled dental appointment.

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