At Huberty Dental, we are all about comfort for our patients!

We have State of the Art patient operatories.
We love pampering our patients!
We also offer emailing and texting for appointment confirmations.
Our Dental Family can call to schedule an appointment or contact our office by email:

  • 2 HDTV’s for your viewing pleasure
  • You are in control of the T.V. Remote!
  • Digital Music
  • Headsets
  • Leather heated massage chairs
  • Adjustable Comfort Headrest
  • Warm Moist Towel
  • Lip balm
  • Comfort Blanket
  • Comfortable injections with Onset and DentalVibe
  • Co-Diagnosis with dual patient screen monitors

Who we are and what we stand and strive for:

Servicing people like they deserve to be treated is a joyful act
We are unique because we deeply care about people
We are useful to others because we see and treat people as a whole person
We feel the urgency to help others as their care is our priority and pleasure
We will deal with another’s concerns as specifically and thoroughly as possible real time.