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Email and Texting

We know that you are busy and we are always trying to find ways to make our services more convenient for you.
Dr. Huberty is committed to providing the highest level of service and as such we have recently implemented a new technology solution that will allow us to send you important, timely messages without interrupting your busy schedule.

This exciting new service gives us the ability to send text messages to the device of your choice (your cell phone, email, or personal digital assistant (pda). Since we send text messages and email messages you don’t have to answer a phone call. Simply read it and respond at your convenience. We think this is the best solution for reminding you of your appointments and keeping in touch.

Sending reminders to your mobile devices allows us to remind you even when you’re not at home. We know that no one wants to miss appointments, but sometimes activities of the day get overwhelming for all of us and we forget. With this in mind we are excited to be able to remind you the same day of your appointment. Think of this as a “tap on the shoulder” simply telling you that we are excited to see you for your appointment.

Our Dental Family can call us at the office to schedule a Dental appointment and or they can email us to schedule instead! We want whatever is most convenient for you! email: colleen@hubertydental.com


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