External Aerosol Extractor

For most of us, the COVID 19 virus has changed the way we look at infection control measures. In our dental setting, we have always implemented the highest standards available to fight microbial insult, for everyone: our patients, our staff and the general public. In light of best managing practices going forward this “Standard of Care” in infection control now appears to be woefully inadequate.

To better address not only the COVID 19 virus but all transmissible microbes we are now implementing what we believe is the new state of the art in infection control in the dental office. We will be running an External Aerosol Extractor unit in every operatory. We are committed to running this high volume suction unit with HEPA filtration to provide a much safer and more direct approach in better managing aerosols, droplets, and particular matter which is routinely created with most dental as well as dental cleaning procedures.

Along with washing hands, gloving, masking, disinfecting and sterilization procedures, pre-operative rinses and taking temperatures, we believe this should be included in the new “Standard of Care”. I encourage you to monitor our website as we provide updates on this unit’s operation and efficacy. As this information may stimulate further questions on infection control, I welcome you to contact Colleen Pittner at
colleen@ hubertydental.com or call 920-457-2419. She can either answer your questions directly or direct you further if necessary.

Stay safe and healthy!

Mark Huberty, DDS, MAGD